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Nikon D800 and the Continuous drive mystery
August 17th, 2017 11:53 pm     A+ | a-
So the Nikon D800 came out a few years ago and its sporting 36 mega pixel senor and a locad of other great features .. by far one of nikons greatest achievments but I am wondering why the continuous drive is so slow at 4, vs the D700 at 10. Which is the previous model .. this does not make a whole lot of sense to me. Seeing how all the other features the D800 has are so great, I can think of a number of cheaper cameras that have faster continuous drive then the D800. Even the D7000 is at least 6 FPS, so what gives - well its not just the D800 which has slowed down for some reason the Canon 5D Mark III is 6 FPS which is a total shocker to say the least. Think about it, your spending $4000 or more on a camera and can barely use it for sports? This does not make all that much sense .. the Nikon D610 is also a Full Frame device which is sporting a 6 FPS. 

I am sure by this time, your scratching your head wondering why this is the case. The only plausable reason we can think of is the amount of mega pixels are too high for it to capture at those speeds .. which should not be the case but its possible. I will dig around and try and figure this one out and report back, if you have the answer feel free to leave it in the comments..
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